Police target use of e-scooters

Over 500 e-scooters were removed from London’s roads during a week of enforcement action by officers across the city.

The week of action saw officers engage with members the public to explain guidance and enforce traffic legislation around the use of e-scooters. This work will continue as officers go about their regular duties.

The week of enforcement saw 507 e-scooters removed from London’s roads following proactive patrols across all boroughs. The week was triggered by the increased usage of uninsured e-scooters on London road networks.

Officers targeted e-scooters, conducting stops, checking vehicle eligibility and seizing e-scooters that are being used illegally. This work will remain ongoing.

In addition to ensuring the safety of roads users, it is a priority for officers to engage with e-scooter riders and the public, educating them on the law and enforcing it where necessary.

E-scooters are illegal when driven on public roads and pavements, cycle lanes and publicly accessible land, including parks and car parks.

Chief Superintendent Simon Ovens said: “Private use of e-scooters remains illegal on London roads. Riders using e-scooters on the road risk fines, points on their licence, and e-scooter seizures if they continue to use them on public road networks.”

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