Paint thrown on police vehicle

Police are appealing for information after one of their unmarked vehicles was damaged during a call for assistance. 

On Saturday, 4 July, between 8:10pm and 8:50pm police attended Leicester House on Loughborough Road in Brixton to assist colleagues from the London Ambulance Service who were providing vital assistance to a person suffering a mental health crisis. 

During this time, a member of the public alerted officers that a person had thrown a pot of white paint onto the vehicle. This follows an incident in recent weeks where metal bolts were thrown at a marked police vehicle at the same location.

The police vehicle forms part of the Crisis Assessment Team (CAT) which is deployed across the south London area. The CAT consists of police officers working in partnership with experienced mental health professionals from South London and Maudsley NHS Trust responding to live, often critical, incidents involving mental health. 

The pilot scheme was initially developed in December 2017 to reduce the demand on emergency service resources and to provide frontline expert assistance to agencies attending. 

Sergeant Terry Collman said: “The damage to this vehicle has resulted in it being unserviceable. In turn, this will have an impact on our ability to respond to incidents involving mental health in the area. 

“Damage to police property, such as this, is quite literally reducing the level of service that local people can access. If you have any information that could assist our investigation please do get in touch.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has information that could identify the person responsible should call 101.

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