Police target anti-social behaviour

Merseyside Police says 13 teenagers from the Everton area have been issued with Acceptable Behaviour Contracts following reports of an increase in anti-social behaviour around the area of Jennifer Avenue, Scotland Road and Great Homer Street.

Reports have been received about young people frequenting the shopping area causing nuisance and annoyance to local residents and staff at businesses within the retail park including abusing staff and customers, refusing to leave premises and throwing stones at passing vehicles causing damage.

The local policing team have worked with partners and identified a group of young people via CCTV, body warn camera footage and information from the local community.

Last week 13 young people – both male and female and aged between 13 and 16 – together with their parents were invited into Walton Lane Police Station to meet representatives from the local policing team, youth prevention team, Liverpool Anti-Social Behaviour unit and Liverpool Foundation.

Each of the young people were issued with an Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC) and were advised with regards their future behaviour.

Further intervention will follow with warning letters being issued by the various housing providers where the young person resides.

Inspector Graeme Rooney said: “It is hoped that by this intervention by ourselves and our partners we can hopefully help to reduce anti-social behaviour and send out a positive message that young people have an opportunity to recognise what impact their actions have had on the community.”

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