Cash boost worth millions in fight against cyber crime

Law enforcement has received increased government funding to tackle cyber crime on the dark web.

The £9-million pot will be used to increase capability against the dark web in Regional Organised Crime Units. A further £5-million has been allocated to police forces to tackle cyber crime locally.

Ollie Gower, National Crime Agency(NCA)  deputy director and head of the agency’s National Cyber Crime Unit, said: “The threat from cyber crime is growing in scale and complexity. Led from the centre by the NCA, UK law enforcement is increasing its activity and capability in response.

“This financial year the NCA, in close coordination with Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs), has recorded more disruptive activity against cyber criminals than ever before. And in 2017 we arrested an average of two offenders a week and convicted 48.

“Increased funding for police forces is a welcome boost which will strengthen our ability to bring cyber criminals to justice while ensuring enforcement is victim-focused and responsive to local needs.

“Meanwhile the funding for dark web units, to be implemented at the regional level, is part of a truly modern strategy in which specialist national capability is developed and maintained at the centre then flexibly deployed across policing according to need.

“This model, in which intelligence, as well as specialist and high-end operational resources, are centrally coordinated for maximum effect, underpins the UK’s fight against cyber crime.”

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