Drug dealer pretended to be construction worker

Three people have been sentenced to a total of 36 years’ imprisonment after the seizure of 28 kilos of heroin and cocaine in London.

 Ibrahim Miah  aged 25 , Samsul Ali  aged 26, both from Stepney, London and Andrea Kidd, aged 49 from Milton Keynes, were arrested in June 2017 by officers from the joint National Crime Agency and Metropolitan Police Service’s Organised Crime Partnership (OCP).
They were arrested when officers found seven kilos of cocaine in Kidd’s car after watching Miah and Ali place a bag there. A further 21 kilos of cocaine and heroin were recovered when officers searched premises linked to Miah and Ali in Stepney. If cut and sold on the street, the drugs would have been worth an estimated £2.5m.

All three were charged with supplying class A drugs and on Friday 23rd November 2017 they were found guilty at Blackfriars Crown Court.
Miah and Ali were each sentenced to 15 year’s imprisonment, with Kidd receiving a six year term.
Det Insp Steve Miles from the Organised Crime Partnership (OCP) said: “These three went to extreme lengths to stay under the radar when they distributed their drugs. The meetings were pre-planned and took place in an area that was being heavily developed – Miah even dressed as a construction worker so not to draw attention to himself.

“The seizure of this significant amount of drugs has taken away a revenue stream that I am sure would have funded further criminality and harmed the communities of London.”

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