Rapist filmed his ‘despicable, planned attack’

A 23-year-old man has begun serving a 10-year sentence behind bars after pleading guilty to raping a woman in a ‘despicable, planned attack.’

Appearing at Sheffield Crown Court, Amadu Bangura, of Exeter Drive, Sheffield, pleaded guilty to raping a woman in her 30s in December last year.

Detective Constable Tom Bishop, the investigating officer said: “The woman was incredibly brave and came forward to report what had happened to her almost straight away.

“Bangura had befriended the woman over a number of months but abused that friendship and the trust he had built up with her in a despicable, planned attack, raping her in her own home.

“Bangura even filmed the attack, causing further distress to the victim that can’t quite be put in to words. This woman’s bravery should be commended and I’m pleased that she did not have to endure a trial.

“During the course of the investigation, we also discovered that Bangura was in the UK illegally and as such, he will be deported back to Sierra Leone in due course, where he is originally from.

“Bangura is a dangerous, nasty individual and I’m pleased that he will be behind bars for a long time. I hope that knowing he is behind bars where he can’t hurt anyone else can help the victim to continue move forward with her life.”

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