Vulnerable man was abused

A man who abused a vulnerable man who then died has been jailed.

Thirty-year-old Christopher McAllister of Constable Street, Abbey Hey, was found guilty of manslaughter after a trial at Manchester Crown Court (Crown Square).

He has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Paul John Roddy, 56, a vulnerable man suffering from multiple sclerosis, was living in a flat below McAllister on Constable Street in Abbey Hey.

After feeling that he was being intimidated by local youths, McAllister moved Mr Roddy into his flat and became his official carer, receiving carers allowance in the process.

However, over the course of the next eight months McAllister physically attacked Mr Roddy on a number of occasions.

On the 30 December 2015, Mr Roddy was found collapsed in the flat before he was taken to hospital where he sadly died.

A post-mortem concluded that he died from a chest infection. When he died Mr Roddy was severely underweight and in poor physical condition.

McAllister was arrested on suspicion of causing or allowing a vulnerable adult to suffer serious harm and remanded into custody.

Greater Manchester Police Detective Inspector Chris Flint said: “McAllister was meant to be caring for Mr Roddy and even invited him to live with him so he could better look after him. Instead he did the exact opposite and abused him over a number of months.

“McAllister claimed that he took Mr Roddy out in his wheelchair, but when we examined the wheelchair it showed that it had not been used as the wheels had disintegrated.

“When Mr Roddy died, he was in a shocking physical condition and I can only imagine the pain he was in.

“McAllister has been sentenced for his actions and is now behind bars.”

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