Administrator stole more than £170,000 from her employer

A woman from Bolton has been jailed after stealing more than £170,000 from her employer.

Terri Hardman, aged 30, of Crammond Walk, Halliwell pleaded guilty to fraud by abuse of position at an earlier hearing and has been jailed for two years and two months at Bolton Crown Court.

In her role as administrator at a learning development company, Hardman had access to the company’s bank account and the personal bank accounts of her manager, who she had known for 15 years.

She had fraudulently taken out loans and credit cards in her manager’s name and moved a significant amount of money into her personal account.

A report was made to police in January 2016 and, following an investigation, it was found Hardman stole a total of £172,684.30 between 7 March 2014 and 1 June 2015.

She successfully paid back £81,791.29 of the total amount stolen, prior to police being alerted.

Detective Constable Andy Devonshire said: “Hardman abused her position of trust and mercilessly stole from a company who benefit young people’s learning and development.

“The selfishness and complete disregard she has shown has had a huge impact on the company and caused a significant amount of distress to all involved.”

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