Serving police officer dismissed

A serving Police Constable has been dismissed from the Metropolitan Police Service following a misconduct hearing.

PC Mark Caulker, attached to Merton borough faced allegations that his conduct amounted to a breach of Standards of Professional Behaviour, in respect of: ‘Orders and Instructions’, ‘Honesty and Integrity’, ‘Duties and Responsibilities’.

It was alleged that on 1 June 2015 PC Caulker sent an email asking for a new Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) device and claimed that he had lost his PDA device some two weeks earlier.

The PDA manual of guidance requires that the loss of any PDA device should be reported immediately and for it to be additionally be reported as a security incident.

An audit of the use of the PDA shows that PC Caulker’s device was last used in September 2014. On the balance of probabilities, PC Caulker’s assertion that he had lost his PDA some two weeks before 1 June 2015 was untrue.

In addition on 30 August 2015, PC Caulker failed to turn up for duty for the Notting Hill Carnival at 11am. The officer had to be contacted at home and eventually joined his team for duty at 1.30pm.

The panel found the case of misconduct to be proven.

The officer was subsequently dismissed with 28 days notice.

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