Man was drunk in car with loaded gun

A man found drunk in his car with a loaded gun has been sentenced to five and a half years imprisonment at Snaresbrook Crown Court today (Aug 30).

Nathan Gardier, aged 24,  of Falmer Road, London, E17 had pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm and ammunition, and being in charge of a motor vehicle with alcohol level above the prescribed limit when he appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 5 August.

The sentence follows from an investigation by detectives form the Trident and Area Crime Command investigated.

The offence took place on Thursday, 4 August, in Willow Walk, E17 and was discovered after a member of the public went over to Gardier, who was in his car under the influence of drink and had fallen asleep whilst driving in slow moving traffic.

The member of the public noticed Gardier had a gun on his lap. He took the keys from the ignition and flagged down a passing police vehicle.

Two borough officers checked on Gardier. Whilst they were doing this, he woke up and the officers held his arms whilst removing the gun from the vehicle.

The gun, an automatic handgun, was later found to be live and loaded.

Gardier was arrested and taken to an east London police station and subsequently charged as above.

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