Family praise as police dog recovers stolen phone

A thankful family has praised West Midlands Police after their expensive new phone was found by a police dog after being tracked across Birmingham by officers.

The Akhtar family from Surrey had been visiting Cadbury’s World in Bournville when their state-of-the art £700 iphone was swiped on 14 August.

They flagged down passing PC Karl Such – who was about to end his shift – in Edgbaston and explained the phone, containing important information, had been stolen and that they were trying to trace its location through an app on another mobile phone.

The officer stepped in and provided a running commentary of its movements to fellow dog handler PC Chris Abbott who had set off in pursuit with two-year-old police dog Gen and traffic police bikers.

After following the tracking instructions across Birmingham including Aston, the city centre and finally Quinton, they were led to a park off Tennel Lane.

Following a thorough search of the area, PD Gen managed to find the iphone hidden near a children’s play area.

Restaurant owner Gohar Akhtar – who was with his wife Ayesha and 12-year-old son Asad at the time – praised police for their determination to help.

“We are really grateful to West Midlands Police. They went far beyond what we could ever have imagined to get the phone back,” he said.

“It is not just the monetary value… it is really important for me due to the information and contacts on it.

“I am just so grateful to everyone who helped – from the officers and of course Gen who managed to find it – and I can’t praise West Midlands Police enough.”

Chief Inspector Nick Rowe, from West Midlands Police, said: “This just goes to highlight the dedication and lengths our officers are prepared to go to help the public.

“We strive to deliver the best service we possibly can and this was great work by officers who monitored the phone as it moved across Birmingham before locating it hidden in a park. Gen proved what a nose she has for the job by managing to find the phone which was placed out of sight.

“I am proud of them and their commitment to helping people in the West Midlands – including visitors to the area.

“It is nice to hear the kind words from Mr Akhtar and we are just pleased we were able to help in this way.”

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