Police officer dismissed and another given final written warning

A police officer has been dismissed and another officer has received a final written warning following special case misconduct hearings held by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

Detective Sergeant Ian Mangham of Barking and Dagenham Borough was dismissed without notice from the MPS.

It was alleged that DS Mangham had breached the standards of professional behaviour in relation to discreditable conduct having been convicted of an offence contrary to the Protection of Harassment Act 1997.

The officer was sentenced to 16 weeks imprisonment, serving 8 weeks -as determined by the judge as minimum – with £3,000 compensation to the victim and £500 costs. Additionally DS Mangham is subject to a restraining order.

Assistant Commissioner Helen King, Lead for Professionalism, said: “The British policing model and the reputation of the Metropolitan Police Service is built on policing by consent. The consent of the public is gained and retained by officers living up to the trust bestowed upon them and maintaining the highest standards of behaviour both on and off duty.

“Victims of domestic abuse have historically often failed to report offences against them in part because they were not confident that the police would take their allegations seriously and provide them with appropriate support. Much good work has been done to counter this belief, so for an officer to be convicted for domestic abuse brings very significant discredit to the police service and undermines the efforts of their colleagues.”

In a separate hearing, Police Constable Lee Drake of Tower Hamlets Borough was served a final written warning.

The officer faced allegations that his conduct amounted to a breach of the standards of professional behaviour in respect of  discreditable conduct having been convicted of an offence contrary to the Road Traffic Act 1988 (causing serious injury through dangerous driving) following a road traffic collision when he was driving on blue lights.

PC Drake was given a 15-month custodial sentence suspended for 18 months and a disqualification from driving for 30 months. The officer was fined £4,200 and ordered to complete 200 hours unpaid community service.

The chair, AC King, having considered all the evidence presented, including PC Drake’s professional record and a large amount of character evidence from both internal and external parties, issued PC Drake with a final written warning.

AC King said: “The public rightly expects police officers who are entrusted with powers to enforce the law to abide by it themselves. PC Drake’s driving has had a life-long impact on the lives of the two most seriously injured victims, on their families and on their confidence in the police. PC Drake’s conviction has brought discredit on the police service. PC Drake and the MPS deeply regret and apologise for the harm that the collision caused.

“However his conviction, although serious with devastating consequences for the victims, for PC Drake and his family, related to misjudgment and bad decision making in the course of a few seconds. It was not premeditated, dishonest or a repeated course of action. He has been punished by the court. I have heard compelling evidence from members of the public and numerous colleagues of the officer’s. He has very real skills, qualities and dedication to contribute to keeping London and Londoners safe. In considering the interests and needs of the public which must come first, I have determined that the appropriate outcome for PC Drake is a final written warning and a management direction that PC Drake should not drive any type of police vehicle in the foreseeable future.”

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