Court orders businessman to hand over property

The National Crime Agency has been granted a possession order against the home of Cheshire businessman Arran Coghlan.

On granting the order against the 44-year-old, the Right Honourable Mr. Hollington QC at the High Court told Coghlan he must hand over the property within 90 days.

In March 2012, following a civil recovery trial, a High Court Judge ruled that Coghlan’s home had been purchased through the proceeds of crime, namely drug trafficking and money laundering over a significant period.

It was submitted that when Coghlan purchased his home in 2000 through a third party he had no legitimate means of income. Evidence showed that the third party did not insist on payment of rent, all bills were in Coghlan’s name and most property repairs, including extensive security and renovations, were paid for in cash.

Coghlan has unsuccessfully appealed the decision through the courts over the past four years.

An NCA spokesman said: “The court ruled in March 2012 that Arran Coghlan’s home was funded by criminal activity so this court order is the culmination of a long process to secure that property.

“The NCA does not give up and go away. If you are found to have property which is derived from illicit profits, the NCA will keep going until the court’s order is satisfied and it will take that property from you.”

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