End of the road for speed sign confusion

By Garth ApThomas

Action has been taken to end speed limit confusion at a North Wales village.

As our 1st picture shows, drivers entering Rhosesmor in Flintshire had been confronted with contradictory speed signs – indicating 30mph as well as 40 mph.
But now the county council has undertaken work to resolve the problem – wiping out the 40mph and leaving the 30mph in position, 2nd picture.
The differing speed sign limits had drawn criticism and raised concerns over road safety.

Neil Greig, the Institute of Advanced Motorists’ Road Smart Director of Policy and Research, commented: “It’s a classic example of poor maintenance and lack of attention to detail by the highways authority.

“Signs and markings convey the basic information that drivers need to be able to make safe progress along every road. They give clues about hazards ahead and information that drivers can act on.

“This example just sows confusion and doubt in a driver’s mind and could distract them from picking up other traffic, cyclists or pedestrians in the road.

“From a safety point of view Flintshire needs to get this fixed quickly. If uncorrected it could lead to expensive and time wasting appeals against speeding tickets. Mr Loophole, the speeding law specialist, would have a field day with this.”

In response Steve Jones, Flintshire Council’s Chief Officer Streetscene and Transportation, said: “We have recently undertaken a review of existing speed limits on all A and B classification roads in the county and the B5123 Rhosesmor formed part of this review

“Roundrels on the highway surface have an advisory status only. The speed limit signs show the mandatory speed limit. That said, the removal of the roundrels has not been overlooked but was programmed to coincide with other resurfacing works in order to reduce costs in a challenging financial climate. These works are now completed.

“The revised 30mph speed limit will improve the safety of local residents and the travelling public alike and reflects our commitment to improving road safety in Flintshire.”  2016-06-17 10.14.16.jpg2016-07-14 11.34.43.jpg

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