Sent to prison after concealing ammonia in a drink bottle

A man has been sentenced to 15 months’ imprisonment for concealing ammonia in a drink bottle.

Cristobal Abeso,, aged 25, of Leamington Place, Hayes, was sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court after pleading guilty to possession of a prohibited weapon capable of discharging a noxious substance, possession of a pointed/bladed article and possession of class B drugs (amphetamines).

The discovery of the ammonia was made by officers who were carrying out a stop and search.

On Thursday, 21 April at around 8:30pm, officers stopped a car in Beauvais Terrace, Northolt. Abeso was driving the vehicle and he and the car were searched. On the seat next to Abeso was a bottle that was found to contain a noxious substance.

Further analysis of the contents confirmed that it contained ammonia. Abeso had a lock knife in his pocket as well as class B drugs in his possession.

Abeso was charged on 22 April and subsequently pleaded guilty at court.

Detective Sergeant Luke Williams of Acton CID stated: “Unless there is a valid reason for possessing substances of this sort, criminals who think they can carry them with impunity and without fear of arrest are strongly mistaken. Abeso has been convicted of a serious offence as he was unable to provide officers with a suitable reason as to why he was carrying this liquid. The Met will robustly deal with anybody found carrying any form of noxious substance.”

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