Drug trafficker to hand back his ‘dirty’ profits

The National Crime Agency has been granted a Confiscation Order for more than £200,000 against a convicted drug trafficker.

Thair Mahmood Ismail, who was sentenced to 22 years for conspiracy to import Class A drugs has been ordered to hand over his illegal profits of £209,354.67. The judge at Sheffield Crown Court ordered if he doesn’t pay within three months he will receive a three year default sentence to be served concurrently.

The investigation began in 2011 when UK Border Agency officers stopped and searched an Audi A4 cabriolet at Dover Eastern Docks. During the search of the vehicle, officers found a concealment that contained 24kg of MDMA.

The investigation was handed over to the National Crime Agency. Analysis of telephones seized from the driver led to the arrest of Ismail and another man who were the UK customers for the MDMA. They had both travelled to The Netherlands on two previous occasions to organise the drugs consignments.

Ismail, aged 38, was arrested the following March, on suspicion of money laundering and conspiracy to import Class A drugs. Telephone analysis of Ismail’s mobile phone identified significant evidence connecting him to the conspiracy.

Ismail was convicted in March 2013 by a jury at Sheffield Crown Court for playing a leading role in the conspiracy – three other members of the organised crime group were also sentenced.

Stephanie Jeavons, Deputy Director of the NCA’s Economic Crime Command commented: “Criminals should take this court order as notice. The NCA and its partners do not stop at conviction – we will use also use the full force of legislation to ensure any profits made through criminal conduct are recovered from those who do not deserve them.”

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