Man who stabbed police officers detained at mental health facility


A man who attacked two police officers with a large knife as they tried to rescue a baby he had been holding has been detained at mental health facility.

Carlos Djau, 21 (06.5.1994) of Cooks Road, SE17 appeared at Woolwich Crown Court on Monday (18 April) and pleaded guilty to wounding against one officer and ABH against another, at a property in Cooks Road, Kennington.

Djau was sentenced to a hospital order under section 37 of the Mental Health Act 1983, without limited time under section 41 of the Mental Health Act 1983.

The officers – PC Jack Muscatt and PC Jack Collins from Southwark Borough – subsequently won the Bravery of the Year Award at the Commissioner’s Excellence in Total Policing Awards.

On 28 February 2015 PCs Muscatt and Collins responded to a call to Cooks Road in Kennington to reports of a man with mental health issues carrying a three-month-old baby whilst armed with a knife.

The officers arrived and found Djau making threats to kill. The scene was chaotic with the occupants in the house screaming in fear. Both officers had radioed for assistance but knew they had to move quickly to protect the life of the baby and the other occupants.

As they moved towards Djau, he slammed the bedroom door shut. PC Collins realised CS gas could not be used as the baby – who was now on a bed – was too close.

Both officers then re-entered the room and were immediately set upon by the man who stabbed PC Collins in the head and shoulder. He then charged at PC Muscatt with a wild swipe of the knife – this missed the officer’s head by millimetres. Such was the force being used that the blade of the knife soon broke off as it struck PC Collins Metvest. The two officers were then punched and beaten with improvised weapons.

Remarkably, both officers then worked together to subdue Djau, and he was handcuffed soon after as support arrived. The officers acted in the best traditions of the Met, moving quickly to save the life of the baby and protect the other occupants in the property.

Both officers were treated in hospital for their injuries and later discharged.

Djau was arrested and subsequently charged with two counts of attempted murder, but later pleaded guilty to ABH and section 20 wounding and was sentenced as above.

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