Factory worker admits stabbing partner to death

A factory worker who went on a drinking session and then stabbed his partner to death at their home in Tipton has pleaded guilty to murder.

Cezary Sobiewski stabbed Barbara Baraniecka in the neck a number of times in the front bedroom of their house on Standbridge Way on 12 November last year.

It is believed that drunken Sobiewski launched his attack on 43-year-old Barbara at around 9:30am that morning following an argument.

Neighbours described hearing a commotion at the time but thought nothing of it.

Her death wasn’t discovered until a few hours later at around 2:25pm the same day, when her daughter came home from work.

She found Barbara’s body on the bed as Sobiewski sat silently in the kitchen.

Scared that she could be in danger, the 25-year-old ran back out of the building to next-door, where a neighbour called for an ambulance.

When crews arrived, they confirmed Barabara had been dead for several hours and alerted police.

Officers were on the scene within minutes and arrested Sobiewski – who had remained emotionless in the kitchen and living room throughout the incident – on suspicion of murder.

Witnesses told detectives he was a heavy drinker and would turn angry when drunk.

Family members also described how Sobiewski was a jealous man who didn’t like the good relationship Barbara enjoyed with her daughter or the amount of time she spent on the internet.

He always denied the killing her – but changed his plea to guilty on the first day of his trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Barabara leaves behind two daughters −Dzesika, aged 25 and Sandra, aged 13.

Dzesika released a statement after today’s hearing:

“My mum was everything to me and my sister. We have lost mommy, friend and our world’s guardian. It is so hard to live without her, our whole life is upside down now and we live with sadness day by day. We loved her so much and we miss her. We do not see anything positive in our future.”

Detective Inspector Jim Munro said: “Cezary Sobiewski could not control his drinking or his jealousy and his actions have resulted in the death of a completely innocent woman.

“I very much hope that now this case is over, it will in some small way allow Barbara’s daughters to start rebuilding their lives after the terrible events of November last year.”

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